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RF Elements Symmetrical Horn Sector Antennas - WayneHancock.net
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I came across a link recently that lead me to the RF Elements website, where I found an interesting product! RF Elements Symmetrical Horn Antennas.


“Carrier Class Symmetrical Horn Antennas are scalar horn antennas with a symmetrical beam radiation pattern without side lobes. Carrier Class Symmetrical Horns are perfectly suitable for use as Sector Antennas. They offer a unique blend of features that solves major weak points of current mainstream sector antenna technology.”


These are 5G Horns, with a listed Frequency Range of 5180 – 6100 MHz. Gain is listed at 10 dBi for the 90° model, and 18.5 dBi for the 30° to give you a feel for the range between models.

The big deal about these “Horn” Antennas is the lack of side lobes, which could dramatically improve co-location noise levels as well as noise levels for your wireless clients.

Their size relative to traditional sector antennas would mean a big savings in space on towers as well as much improved wind loading.

Horn RadiationPattern

Quite a nice radiation pattern!

The graphic below highlights some of the possible deployment scenario’s.  Rarely do we get a totally even distribution of client sites, so the ability to balance out your wireless clients across your Sectors could go a long way to improving overall speeds and latency.


I’ve not yet got my hands on any of these to test, but thought I’d pass the info along in case it is of use.

When/If I get to try some of these out I’ll score a review of them.





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