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In the beginning... My Oil/Gas Field beginnings - WayneHancock.net
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I started work at my current employer August 15, 2008.  I’ve decided to leave the name of my employer out just because, i’m sure you could find it out in a heartbeat if you wanted.

I was hired as a “Senior Systems Engineer”, the 2nd person in a 2 person network group. I feel like I integrated fairly quickly as the existing network  person worked with me at my previous job.

Because I had interest, and wireless experience, I started working with the growing field communications group that was being grown inside the IT group.  It wasn’t long until I had jumped in with both feet and the majority of my time was focused on field communications and wireless coverage for our drilling/service areas. A “Field Infrastructure” group was created inside IT, and was later moved out of IT and combined with the SCADA group and moved to Production.

The initial field we first deployed Ethernet wireless to was in South West Texas, we contracted with RSI Communications to build towers for us and then linked those towers with Motorola (now Cambium) PTP-600 Radio’s.  These were top of the line radio’s let me tell ya for 2009!  GPS Time Synced, 1 ms Latency per wireless hop, real world 100M bi-directional speeds.

We paired these radio’s with a combination of 2 and 3 foot RadioWave’s dual polarity dishes.

At the top of each tower was a 900mhz FreeWave Serial radio, as well as a 2.4 Motorola (Cambium) Canopy PMP100 AP, GPS timed.

We actually used a LastMileGear version of the PMP100 in 2.4Ghz for Omni antenna applications, pictured below.


The client radio’s for the Canopy system (Called “Subscriber Modules”) were primary deployed at compressor stations where we wanted higher polling rates and data volumes so we didn’t overload the serial system.

These bad boys gave us 7M to split between each client on an AP radio.

At the base of each tower, we had a Cisco 3230 Rugged Integrated Services Router.  These bad boys had 1 routed 10/100 interface and two 10/100 switched interfaces.  They also ran on DC which was great for our applications and were fan-less.  Their original design purpose was to be put into vehicles, but Cisco didn’t have any other rugged offerings at the time.  They were NOT however cheap or, fast.

We deployed a 8 tower ring with our field office as one of the tower sites.  It was quite a nice solution and I feel quite ahead of its time. Each tower was EIGRP routed with its sites layer 2 connected to the tower router via the PM100 Canopy AP.

No sooner than we finalize the last link to complete the ring and a new field with new needs arose, but that is for another post.



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