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Google Takeout - Backup Your Data - WayneHancock.net
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Google Takeout is here to save the day, really! Backup Your Google Data!

Are you worried that Google has forsaken it’s old mantra of “Don’t be Evil”?  Do you feel they are too well connected and host too many of your services?

I don’t, because as far as I’m concerned on the internet, privacy is an illusion.  As long as I operate on the premise that anything and everything I store on the cloud could/may be compromised, I ensure I don’t put things that I don’t possibly want circulated world wide.

But, if you find yourself wanting to part ways with your benevolent overload Google, here is a quick and easy way to grab a copy of everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, you may have ever done with Google.

Google makes it easy to break up!  Just visit https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout to grab a backup copy of everything.


That is quite an eye opening amount of data specific to me that is stored on Google’s servers eh?


All silliness aside, while I don’t see Google going away anytime soon, they too could be hacked and all this data lost.


For myself, I’m setting a reminder in my calendar app to backup my Google data at least 2 times a year.

You get the option to have an email sent to you that includes the link to download the file, or have it sent to your Google Drive or OneDrive for removal to a safer spot once it’s done zipping it all up.


Google Takeout Download



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