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So, it finally arrived!  A month or so ago I ordered a new desk for my home office.  An SmartDesk 2, a motorized height adjustable desk.


They offer the desk in a ready to assemble version as well as a “Kit” where you provide your own table top.

Here are the options I selected:

  • Surface Material: Walnut
  • Surface Design: 53″ x 30″ Ergonomic
  • Platform Color: Black
  • Platform Design: 29″ – 47″ Sit-to-Stand, Single Motor

They offered 2 additional option kits, but I didn’t purchase these… they are:

Wireless Charger, USB Charger, Bag Organizer and Speaker for +$75.00

And the big upgrade,

AI Personal Assistant, Smart Home Control, Developer SDK, iOS & Android Apps for +$150.00

Here are some pictures from my setup:

img_5788 img_5791

I have to say, the build feels solid and after one day, I’m enjoying it!  It’s not loud, the movement is smooth and not shaking my 2 monitors all over the place.

Of all the options I looked at, this was the lowest price for the most features.  Several I found only had an up and down button, with no presets.  SmartDesk 2 has 4 settings you can save.


They have a 30 day free trial and a 5 Year warranty.

If you need it, they have a payment plan to pay it out over 12 months as well, but I didn’t make use of it.






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